Speaker and Magician James Munton

Breachproof! Secure your Data. Protect your People and Profits.

If you gave your staff members a briefcase containing a million dollars in cash to look after,  they probably wouldn’t let it out their sight. However, the loss of a single USB thumb-drive can have an even more disastrous financial impact on an organization.

Last year, businesses in the U.S. lost $221 billion because of identity theft. Criminals breached more than 35 million records stored by government and corporate entities. According to a recent Ponemon research study, the average cost per data breach incident was $5.5 million, with resolution costs ranging from $750,000 to $31 million. Identity theft and data loss exact a huge financial toll on corporations and organizations. Can your organization afford to ignore this threat?

You can wrap your valuable data in sophisticated network firewalls and monitoring systems, but criminals find and exploit the weakest link. The sad truth is that human error and negligence are responsible for most data breaches. The good news is that a little staff training and a subtle shift in attitude go a long way toward making your organization breachproof. 

In this entertaining speech, James Munton will use magic and misdirection to show how easy it is for people to be deceived and the disastrous impact fraud has on individuals and the organizations for which they work.

James Munton is one of the country’s busiest corporate magicians and an expert on deception. His book, The Con: How Scams Work, Why You’re Vulnerable, and How to Protect Yourself is published by Rowman & Littlefield.


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