Password Pitfalls

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Password Pitfalls

screen After years of reports telling us that the most common password is “password,” you would think that most people would have changed theirs to something more obscure. Think again. This year’s list from Splashdata shows that “password” continues its reign at #1. The second and third most common passwords are also unchanged (123456 and 12345678). There are a handful of new entries in the top 25, however. They are: welcome, jesus, ninja, mustang and password1. 

Coming up with a password that is both complex enough to be secure and easy enough to remember without writing down can be a tricky proposition. In his entertaining and informative speech on data breaches, deception expert James Munton teaches audiences a unique method for picking impenetrable passwords. For more information on James and his presentations, click here.  

(Image: marc falardeau on flickr)

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