Avoiding Postal Pitfalls

So many scams, so little time.  People who steal other people’s money are generally not interested in working too hard to get it.  Don’t encourage them by being an easy target.

Self-defense against scammers begins with examining your life.  Where you are weak, be strong.  Where you are vulnerable, be secure.  Every point of entry must be blocked, every line of attack anticipated and repelled.  With a strong defense comes peace of mind.

Begin with your home.  You may have an alarm system, a deadbolt, locks on all the windows and doors.  Good start.  And how about your mailbox?  

If your mailbox is not locked, there is nothing to stop a criminal from rifling through your mail and pocketing valuable documents such as your bank statements, credit card and utility bills, insurance papers, all of which can be used to steal your identity, damage your credit history, and drain your bank accounts.  Mailboxes are easily accessed and with mail arriving six days a week, the pickings are plenty for a conman.  

The mail itself can be a source of scams.  Criminals produce mass mailings hoping to scam you out of your hard-earned cash.  Familiarize yourself with the following scams.  Know what to look for.  Defend yourself.


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